Rank Requirements for 9th Kyu / 9th Gup (High White Belt)
Themes:  Basic Techniques; How to Perform Kata

To achieve the rank of 9th Kyu (High White Belt in Kamishin Ryu Karate Do) and 9th Gup (High White Belt in Taekwon-Do), the student is expected to achieve a satisfactory level of competence with the following material.

Each set of material is divided into two groups. A colored tape stripe will be awarded for each group that the student learns to satisfactorily perform. When a student has achieved the required level of competence with the material, they will have on their belt 10 tape stripes:

At that time they will be ready to seek permission to test.

Note that unlike belts, tape stripes do NOT have to be awarded in any particular order, as each set of material (except for the Ten-No-Kata) are relatively self-contained and independent of any other material set.

Rank Requirements for High White Belt
Techniques Tape Stripe Colors
Proficiency with 10 Basic Stances Yellow
Proficiency with 10 Level 1 Basic Kicks Green
Proficiency with 10 Level 2 Basic Kicks Blue
Proficiency with 10 Basic Blocks Brown
Proficiency with Ten-No-Kata 1 through 5. Black

Stances: Yellow Tape Stripes

English Japanese
Formal Bowing Stance (Closed "V" Stance) Musubi Tachi
Ready Stance (Parallel Open Stance) Yoi Tachi (Heiko Tachi)
Front Stance Zen Kutsu Tachi
Half Front Stance Han Zen Kutsu Tachi
Sumo Stance Shiko Tachi
Horse Stance Kiba Tachi
Back Stance Kokutsu Tachi
Cross-Legged Stance Kake Tachi
Cat Leg Stance Neko Ashi Tachi
Third Fighting Stance Sanchin Tachi

10 Level 1 Basic Kicks: Green Tape Stripes

English Japanese
Front Heel Thrust Kick Mae Kakato Geri Kekomi
Front Heel Snap Kick Mae Kakato Geri
Front Thrust Kick Mae Geri Kekomi
Front Snap Kick Mae Geri
Side Thrust Kick Yoko Geri Kekomi
Side Snap Kick Yoko Geri
Round Kick (Ball of Foot) Mawashi Geri
Instep Round Kick Mawashi Haisoku Geri
Rearward Back Kick Ushiro Geri
Knee Kick Hiza Geri

10 Level 2 Basic Kicks: Blue Tape Stripes

English Japanese
Step Behind Side Thrust Kick Yoko Juji Geri
Hook Kick Kakato Ushiro Barai Geri
Spinning Hook Kick Mawashi Kakato Ushiro Barai Geri
Spinning Back Kick Mawashi Ushiro Geri
Spinning Side Kick Mawashi Ushiro Yoko Geri
Flying Front Kick Mae Tobe Geri
Groin Kick Kin Geri
Shovel Kick Kin Ushiro Geri
Outer Crescent Kick Mikazuki Soto Geri
Inner Crescent Kick Mikazuki Uchi Geri

10 Basic Blocks and 5 Tenets of Taekwon-Do: Brown Tape Stripes

Five Tenets:  Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverence, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit

English Japanese
Fist Lower Inner Block Seiken Gedan Uchi Uke
Fist Outer Forearm Inner Block Seiken Chudan Soto Kote Uchi Uke
Fist Upper Block Seiken Jodan Uke
Fist Inner Forearm Inner Block Seiken Omote Kote Uchi Uke
Palm Heel Upper Outer Block Shotei Jodan Soto Uke
Palm Heel Middle Outer Block Shotei Chudan Soto Uke
Palm Heel Lower Outer Block Shotei Gedan Soto Uke
Fist Outer Forearm Outer Block Seiken Chudan Soto Kote Soto Uke
Knife Hand Middle Inner Block Shuto Chudan Uchi Uke
Double Knife Hand Guarding Block Morote Shuto Chudan Uchi Uke

5 Ten-No-Kata: Black Tape Stripes

The student is required to achieve a satisfactory level of competence in performing all five of the Ten-No-Kata. These are beginner level forms. Each version of Ten-No-Kata differs from any other version only in the block that is performed. The foot movements, punches, and stances are all identical.

Version Block
Shodan Fist Lower Block (Down Block)
Nidan Fist Outer Forearm Block (Down Block)
Sandan Fist Upper Block
Yondan Fist Inner Forearm Inner Block
Godan Palm Heel Blocks