Welcome to Papillion NE, Kanshin Dojo Martial Arts, Inc, web site!  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Black Belt, if you are looking for a school to attend in the Papillion, Nebraska area, please feel free to drop in and check out or school.

Kanshin Dojo specializes in Kamishin Ryu Karate Do (as was taught to Master Rockenbach by Grandmaster Albert C. Church of Charleston, South Carolina and by Master Merle D. Keyser of Lincoln, Nebraska) and a variant of Taekwon-Do that uses the International Taekwon-Do Federation's formal exercises (the Chon-Ji series of Hyungs). These are striking and kicking arts with a great deal in common.

Students who enroll at Kanshin Dojo will receive training that will allow them to earn belts in both Kamishin Ryu Karate Do and Taekwon-Do simultaneously.

In addition to Kamishin Ryu Karate Do and Taekwon-Do, we also teach some Kamishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu and some traditional Okinawan weapons.

Our newest Karate 5th, 3rd and 2nd degree Black belts with their instructors

Soke Phillips, Sensei Smith, Sensei Dai Traylor, Shihan Rockenbach, Soke Dai Phillips, Sensei Mang

Congratulations, Shihan Rochenbach, Sensei Smith and Sensei Dai Traylor

Sam with her first place trophy

Alexis and her many trophies

Maddison and her first place trophy

Faster than a speeding sword

Sensei Smith and his new toy

Sensei Smith breaks four bricks

Class Photo

Photos of our instructors

Chuck Traylor, Fred Rockenback, Wesley Smith

Instructor Chuck Traylor